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Successful athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs, and artists have something in common: Coaching! Your business is our business and we are standing by to help you reach your goals!
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As a nationally recognized eLearning and training firm, we aim to provide high-quality training to your audience that is on target, fun and retained. It helps your audience achieve their goals in the areas of:

  • Business Planning
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Financial Literacy

As career business builders for over 3 decades, we share our understanding of how to launch, grow, and scale a business with deliverables that are understandable and implementable for your audience.

Allow us to help your audience start building the skills to develop a comprehensive business plan and digital marketing strategy that is:

  • Custom to their needs
  • Comprehensive to their business
  • Affordable to their budgets

Our business courses and workshops are nationally recognized as innovative and state-of-the-art to build the skills and structure your audiences are seeking to navigate and stand prepared for new opportunities and investments in the future.

Over 80% of those who participated in our business planning courses reported clarity about their business vision, report positive outcomes in work performance, communication skills, productivity, well-being, and business management strategies.

Our extensive coaching experience has led us to develop a customized range of solutions to assist in making things better. We work with private clients, individual clients within companies, and many executives within the same company. Our expert coach provides one-on-one general business counseling, digital marketing coaching, branding, and business planning sessions.

Market dynamics are constantly changing due to new technology and consumer behavior. This might make it difficult for new entrepreneurs to have a deeper understanding of market dynamics, the latest trends, organizational operations, and much more.

That’s where we come in. Our professional development training empowers working professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs with a more in-depth knowledge of market dynamics, organizational structure, work culture, time management, etc.

Meet Your Guide

Debbie Magyar

Entrepreneur and advocate for accessible business solutions

Helping others discover their true potential is Debbie’s passion. She delivers a realistic and simplified approach to leading entrepreneurs toward a clear vision of their business and mapping the path forward.

She gives this very complex subject of marketing a refreshing twist as your guide who can introduce affordable, actionable, user-friendly, and time saving solutions into your entrepreneurial journey.



Debbie is a quiet, reassuring business EXPERT. I wasn’t sure what to expect from our consultation, and was frankly awed by how much information and advice she provided in 90 minutes. Her group has assembled seemingly simple, intuitive tools that combine all the various “analytics” data from a range of apps and present it in a straightforward, digestible way. I feel like I have a much better sense of what data to follow now.
I was especially impressed by the short, non-intimidating list of actions I could take immediately to start establishing a positive online reputation and business identity. Debbie really cuts through all the confusing information and boils it down to a manageable to do list that I actually understand! She makes starting and marketing a small business sensible and doable– such a relief!

– The Rowdy Ladybug

Debbie was great! She was very thorough but also easy to follow as some of what we went over was fairly technical in nature. Her willingness and patience in explaining things I wasn’t completely confident in were very reassuring. I will surely continue to work with her as she has made it clear that her goal is my business’ self-reliance and growth. Thanks again!

– Alex Masur

Writing out your business plan is such an overwhelming process, which is why I think a lot of entrepreneurs put off writing one. Learning how to break down my plan into bite-size pieces was the key to committing.

Having access to Live Plan is also great, as it gives you great clarity on your overall plan, as well as a detailed financial picture. Debbie is great too! She can relate to where you’re at in your business and graciously shares her wisdom and resources.

– Sara Kostelnik

My experience working with Debbie Magyar from Launch and Balance Consulting was phenomenal! Debbie is supportive, enthusiastic, and extremely knowledgeable. She knows exactly what to suggest to help clarify what next steps to take to move your business in the right direction. I highly recommend her services!

– Lisa Seligman

Ms. Debbie was so amazing! She helped me simplify the next steps of my business and I feel less overwhelmed! I am so excited and ready to get my business started. 10/10 I would recommend.

– Marce Nixon-Washington

I’d like to give a 10 star review, but that’s not an option! Debbie at Launch and Balance played such an instrumental role, and offered incredible support, and guidance which really helped me to build a strategic business plan that I can be proud of!! When I tell people about my services, my delivery is clear and my product is received with an interest and enthusium I hadn’t experieced before having the opportunity to work with Debbie.

Debbie helps you realize your vision and that is priceless!

– Lori Kashellack