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Transform your vision into a successful business with a strategic marketing plan and a digital roadmap that guides your decisions in key areas and keeps you on track and within budget. Save your energy, money, and time while focusing on the critical operational areas of your business.

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We deliver strategies that result in solutions that help business owners interested in growing their business reach their full potential. Our powerful planning & marketing solutions are built to determine a starting point, design a comprehensive marketing plan to move forward, and guide business owners toward long-term success by making data-driven decisions.


Our vision is to be a provider of innovative and accessible digital business solutions while providing entrepreneurial education along side of each engagement. We want to be a resource that prepares entrepreneurs for the growth and adaptation needed in the current economy.

We believe in the transformative power of planning to clarify, simplify, and elevate the entrepreneurial journey at any stage.

We seek to empower business owners with knowledge and technology to optimize their business.

How We Got Started

Our Story

Launch and Balance Consulting LLC was founded in 2018 with the purpose of simplifying business planning and marketing for entrepreneurs. The goal was and continues to be to provide high-quality educational training for best practices within a small business through digital business planning, digital marketing, and coaching to create holistic strategic plans. We help clients align their business strategy with the right marketing plan to accelerate their growth.

It is extremely difficult for an entrepreneur to address all of the operational aspects of their business while also working in the business. Our new digital marketing brand pairs the business planning process with the right digital tools to help launch, run, and grow a business with one strategy that is all in one platform. Your business is our business and we’ve got you covered!


The Foundation of Our Solutions