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Meet the Founder and Master Strategist – Debbie Magyar

Debbie Magyar’s marketing prowess is founded on 30 years of business, sales, and marketing experience. As a Certified Business Planner and advocate for small businesses, Debbie established the agency as a marketing consulting agency to serve small to medium-sized businesses. As a business owner, Debbie understands the importance of listening to clients and devising winning strategies based on their needs and budgets. Debbie is known for her competitive spirit, relationship-oriented approach, and business intelligence which she and her team bring into each engagement. She and her team are determined to triumph over the competition and secure tangible results for her clients. Renowned for her ability to simplify complex topics, Debbie and her team’s mission is to make marketing straightforward, driving success to your business, one client at a time.


Steering the Course of Innovation

Our mission is to demystify marketing for you, ensuring your brand resonates with potential clients and fosters a seamless business experience. Our integrated platform tailors a marketing blueprint for your business objectives based on your unique needs.

Effortless Business Expansion

As a comprehensive digital marketing agency, we specialize in aiding small to medium-sized businesses in strengthening their online presence through effective digital strategies. We’ll partner with you to devise the optimal blend of services tailored to your current growth stage.

Know the Signs

Consider Hiring a Marketing Agency If:

  • Your traditional methods of client acquisition no longer yield results
  • You recognize the need for a strategic online presence but don’t know where to start
  • Your time isn’t sufficient to handle marketing effectively and responsibly
  • Your sales are satisfactory, but you’re ready to scale
  • You’re unsure if your current budget is positively impacting sales
  • You’re investing in advertising based on persuasive pitches without concrete results
  • Your competitors have already employed the services of a marketing agency
  • Let’s initiate a conversation and get to know each other better!

Why Choose Us?

Empower Your Business With A Marketing Agency

Our distinct qualifications position us to help you conquer your market and amplify your sales. We will accompany you throughout the journey, simplifying decision-making and providing ongoing performance metrics, ensuring you know what strategies drive your sales.

Certified Business Planner

Our team includes a certified business planner with extensive expertise in developing strategic business plans. With their in-depth knowledge and understanding of various industries, they can help guide your business toward success.

Creating Winning Strategies

Our approach focuses on creating winning strategies that set your business apart. We carefully analyze market trends, consumer behavior, and industry dynamics to develop innovative and impactful designs that drive results.

Marketing Consultant

We will work closely with you to analyze your market, identify opportunities, and develop effective marketing strategies that align with your goals.

Relationship-Oriented Approach

We understand your business, its values, and its target audience. By establishing a deep connection, we can deliver customized marketing solutions that resonate with your customers and drive long-term success.

Decades of Strategic Mastery in One Platform

At Launch and Balance Consulting, our team excels at attuning to our clients, recognizing their requirements, and crafting a winning strategy. Offering three different service models, the team is equipped to help you challenge the competition and draw customers to your local business, enabling you to deliver the services you’ve dedicated your business to.

Inclusive and Innovative

Our team has an inclusive blend of subject matter experts, each specializing in different areas, to ensure that every aspect of your marketing solution benefits from state-of-the-art strategies and technologies. We pride ourselves on having a team committed to excellence for your business.

Get in Touch

Our team is ready to assist with your business goals!

Our team in ready your find your starting point and develop a winning strategy suing our business, sales, and marketing experience. As Certified Business Planners and advocates for small businesses, our team of professionals serve as marketing consultants for small to medium-sized businesses. Our experts are known for their competitive spirit, relationship-oriented approach, and intelligence to hone in on the best strategy for your business.  Renowned for our ability to simplify complex topics, the team of professionals at Launch and Balance Consulting are mission driven to make marketing straightforward, driving success to your business, one client at a time.

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